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@a242j zmodeler doesn't support animation so it won't have a roof that goes up and down.

It will just have a roof which is there or not there. If that's what you mean.

Hi a242j!

I'm searching for a soft top at the moment so I can't tell you 100% if it will have a top... If there would be one, the up/down function (what minime said) would ofcourse be available :)

Yes, that is exactly what I had in mind, a soft/hard top that fades away. ;)


But for a little surprise: Now I know how to make a steering wheel working right, you can now use the navigation inside and the gauges work all perfectly!

Here a little update:

A few screenshots that I've removed because the quote was kind off BIG. :eek:

Waiting the day when I will hit the streets of Ibiza/Hawaii in this attractive looking car/mod. :)


Never liked how white the gauges looked so i changed them.

What do you think?

I like the original gauges, but after seeing the alternative - excellent sportish ones, if may I say - oh well, time to say "Goodbye to you... oldish gauges!" :p :cool:



PS:@Minime891: Ferrari F50 Spider's top is soft or hard ?

I hope you will reconsider and release present and future WIPs because, as you already know, I (and a few others, I think) admire your work.

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release it or i'll kill myself :nuts:

no not really, but i'll be please if there was ! and maybe i'll return on TDU2 for some ride :twisted:


Seriously did the both of wings work ?

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