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Test Drive Unlimited: Project Paradise [v0.03A PUBLIC BETA AVAILABLE!]


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You should install it (without uninstalling anything!), DirectX version doesn't matter in this situation. :DAlso I've heard that Windows10 has some Xbox PVR stuff pre-enabled so you might have to disable it.


That's what i was thinking, but the installer says their is a newer version installed blah blah blah. And all that PVR stuff is disabled. So maybe, the d3d9 isn't windows 10 compatible.... Is anyone else trying to run online with windows 10 ??

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Think i figured out my problem... Turned off my firewall.. THEN KAAAAAABOOOM it worked ... after 10 re-installs :dhomer:



Well, I got on to the main menu after that one try, said the servers were unavailable but the client was on .003 so, i tried loading my online save that i used on windows 7 , then boom crash. :( @BeSweeet , did you do anything to get it working like compatible .. etc? You think its because im on Windows 10 Home x64? (even tho i dont think that'll make a difference.)


As much as I like windows 10, I am going to downgrade.

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Like to say Thanks to all that made this possible.


Thank You!


You can use RivaTuner with Stealth mode on.


Stealth Mode on. See onscreen display for proof.


Them bloody framerates... :P


TDU: 1.6.8B


Mobo: Asus P5SLI

GPU's: Geforce 230 1.5gb x2

Mem: 4gb - 3gb recognized by 32bit system

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I do have a legal copy of TDU. Only the carpack is pirated.


Well I guess I just keep playing offline then



Fix for d3dx9_43.dll error = Download DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer from Official Microsoft Download Center

and turn off all other game overlaysoftware and dont use eny kind of cracks or crap like that ^^


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