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TDUZoqqer: 2013 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG + G65 AMG


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this car is in production many, many years with minor upgrades on exterior but still has soul and character.....

:ty: for this mode,:clap:



ps:as everybody knows,most highest cameras in TDU are from 300C and SSR and it works with many SUVs,but with this it doesn't fit....if anybody found good one,please let us know!!!:umm:

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Try different values and after a while you realize how much the camera moves with increasing height of 10 values for example


it is very nice when modder tell us what camera values to use to be perfect for his mode....


My question and request for tutorial was for mods that don't have anything we can use....which fields to change for left to right,or closer to the steering wheel,or position height.....how many fields we need to change: 1 or 3 or all with X, etc

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1. Unrar the archive.


2. Rename it into something readable, this is very important as you may get an error if you don't do it.


3.Open the program and press the left ??????? to set your path to the cameras.bin. (it is in the database folder) Once you do it restart the tool.


4. Select the camera slot which you want to modify and press the right ?????? to Load it.


5. It should look like this. (Note that I've already changed the values so these are the ones you must have in order to use the G-klasse)


6. Press ?????????? ??????? to save it.



It's not working for me.

I did all the settings but the camera it's still to low and too far, it's like the driver has his head in his stomach. :|

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