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WILD RUN EXPANSION (17 nov 2015)

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Already wrote about it in Car list topic, but seeing how many things are coming, I think it deserves its own topic... SO...


Expansion pack WILD RUN (17th november 2015)


E3 Trailer :

Main site info : Introducing The Crew Wild Run! | - The Crew Updates | Ubisoft® (US)


Key features :


- New Cars (Subaru BRZ..)

- Bikes (Ducati Monster...)

- Monster Trucks (F-150...)

- Dragsters (Ruf Rt35...)

- 3new specs : Drift / Drag / Monster

- New Championship (Horizon-like) : The Summit

- New Graphics improved (for everyone ofc)

And question I was wondering :

could this be a BMW X6? (very beginning of trailer)



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Interested in seeing how they do the bike handling and I did laugh when the drag races came on and all the cars did a wheelie launch :lol:


I expect the drift spec cars will be like driving on ice.


The Kawasaki H2 is another bike in the game as well judging by the trailer thumbnail.

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God they really went all out with this the game looks stunning :eek: the fact the obstacle course is in free roam is a huge bonus, but the graphics overhaul is just :drool:


The bike physics looks really good, very nice :thumbsup:

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