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Found 64 results

  1. Hi, It would be so nice if someone could make a 2010 Mustang, the in-game Mustang for TDU has just gotten so old to me, it needs a SERIOUS update. Its 2009 so i'd be nice to have a 2010 Mustang instead of a 2005 Mustang. Also, in the new Mustang, you can acually see the gauges! In the current Mustang on TDU, on both gauges, the top half of both of them are cut off.ITS SOOO ANNOYING:headbang:! So PLEEEEAAAASSSEEE!! if someone could make this car, I WOULD LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!! THX :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::drool::drool::drool:
  2. I found nice trailer, so let see together. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtk5y97HrUY
  3. A very interesting and exciting bit of info has popped up over at our mental french compatriots; TDU-France. (obviously in French) This info pertains to a Changelog that has been posted of the supposed actual contents and features of the next DLC which surprisingly (and hopefully not wrongly) is predicted to be FREE!! In this list is the mention of bikes, 2 in fact; the Harley Fat Boy Lo and a Triumph Speed Triple. To accompany the new bikes 10 new [multiplayer?] Challenges will be available and FRIM will be via doing wheelies (and maybe other actions?). Awesometastic enough there is also mention of your rider being able to perform certain emotions however whether this is akin to what you could do in PGR4 will need to remain to be seen. Along with this is the Auction House in which 2 forms of business can be done in the form of Buy it Now and the typical Auction type where the last bidder at the auctions end wins. Another new item of virtual concrete and glass is the Racing Hall where new events will be available for players to run every week. Whether this is part of the DLC with the previous mentioned items or a future addition is not known but sounds good and could be a good way to finally make money! There is a few more bits and pieces mentioned and you can see a (dodgy) translation via Google below. Anyone who wishes to provide a proper French to English translation would be showered with cookies and receive milk from an Alpaca. :cheeky: [+] UPDATE: Human translation: Dodgy Google Translation
  4. If you saw the post yesterday about the PS3 pack making it's way slowly out as a number of European players were commenting on it showing up as an auto-update then you'll not care that it's official. If however you missed this and have woken up from your 7 month hibernation then GOOD NEWS!! No not the Dacia Sandero but the DLC1 is finally out or coming out for all you muppets on PS3!! :D Here's the official spiel. Atari - Always Late than Never!
  5. Yep it's true, just look below. Some answers will not be to some folks likening and I really think they need to look at the handling otherwise there won't be many people around to purchase that additional content being pushed out first and foremost. Good to see the questions being answered though. :) UPDATE #1: 9th August, 2011 - More FAQ's added
  6. Hey! Myself and Mellors were playing TDU2 last night and decided while driving badly and crashing even worse to catch a video of our skills and show it to the 3 people who want to watch it. So check it out and let us know what you think, it was just a bit of fun and also you decide if I deliberately pushed Mellors at the hill jump, I told him I didn't but he doesn't believe me and that makes me sad. :cry: Anyway thanks for watching if you do. :D Just Playing TDU2...
  7. If you haven't got the Casino or are useless at Poker. If you get bored doing that same 20k race and hearing how Stuart is constantly getting ever closer to being violated by the "Wilder Brothers" then here's a good stretch of road I call FRIM St. If you can't guess why then please apply to be a member of Staff here right away!! :cheeky: Anyway yeah, check it out but be warned it can be a good day and a slow day for you here especially if other players are around. But if you hit the sweet spot where you can combo 10+ passes then that 10k is easy as anything to get. I once got 240k in 10mins so go on give it a try... if you still play the game of course.
  8. Hey there, all information and updates pertaining to the patches and title updates for the console versions will be posted in this thread from now on. We will do our best to keep it bang upto date but should we not be able to always remember to check out and keep an eye on the official TDU2 forums as well as the TDU2 and atari_destra twitter. Thanks! Xbox 360 Latest: 2011-03-15 @ 13:47/1:47PM GMT New Mandatory DLC available along with automatic update. Game may require restart after New Content message appears. If the game doesn't load as normal after The new content message and the restart. Then Reboot your console and it should work. * You can either download the Mandatory 01 DLC (FREE) from the Marketplace. * You can load your Save from the main TDU2 menu where you will be told you don't have the content. Press to view the DLC and then download the Mandatory 01 DLC this way. Game will then restart and you can continue as normal ***********************************************
  9. Well it's TDU2 month, that's February if you don't know and after all the waiting and teasing from many different sources all of us will be able to get our hands on the game we have been waiting what feels like an age + a lifetime for. Being the month the game comes out it makes sense that reviews are starting to come out and if you want to know what the verdict is around the board then check out the below where we will list all the reviews we find plus their scores. :D 8th February, 2011 Review: 'Test Drive Unlimited 2' has a few bumps, but it's worth the trip - San Jose Mercury News [erm..] Test Drive Unlimited 2 Review | Attack of the Fanboy [LIKED] Test Drive Unlimited 2 MMO Review - Page 1 | Eurogamer.net [7] 3rd February, 2011 Click if video above doesn't show. 1st February, 2011 Drive Into a Virtual Paradise - Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Xbox 360 - www.GameInformer.com [8.50]
  10. There are words appearing on the t'internet that TDU2 has gone Gold! Hopefully an official release will come to confirm this but it's good to finally know that another delay is looking very unlikely. So if you were waiting for this to not be the case then rest easy, you can pre-order the game for the February release as that is when it's coming! If you're unsure of what gone gold means then basically it means the final version(s) have been completed and are sent away ready for printing and packing to prepare for it's release when we will all be playing it in February. :D It's been a long wait but it's close to actually being over, can you believe it! Test Drive Unlimited 2 goes gold - Gamereactor UK Press Release below
  11. I guess this week and in the run up to release more info will be forthcoming so to keep it easy to find we'll post all the previews in here with the latest being at the top. (dates are when they were found not the date of the preview itself) 25th January, 2011 Zoom : Test Drive Unlimited 2 (French - tip by rollingtheboy) Aperçu - Test Drive Unlimited 2 sur PC (French - tip by rollingtheboy) 24th January, 2011 Dailymotion - Reportage - Test Drive Unlimited 2 23rd January, 2011 Przegl¹d Tygodnia - Magia Nekromorfów - Dead Space 2, Test Drive, Might & Magic VI, Motorstorm. Test Drive Unlimited 2 Multiplayer Preview | MMORPG | GameZone.com GSY Preview: Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Gamersyde 21st January, 2011 Test Drive Unlimited 2 Hands-On Preview - News - Gaming Union 20th January, 2011 Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Video Preview - GamesweltTV (German) Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Multipiattaforma - Anteprima, Videogiochi, SpazioGames.it (Italian) PlayStation Only | Previews | Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Hawaii 2 Ibiza (Dutch) 19th January, 2011 Preview: Test Drive Unlimited 2: A whole new racing experience? Gameplay Preview - ComputerAndVideoGames.com Rock, Paper, Shotgun Preview Test Drive Unlimited 2 : la course massivement multijoueurs plus ambitieuse (French) Preview de Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Xbox Live France - Xboxlive.fr (French) [Preview] Test Drive Unlimited 2 (PS3, Xbox360) | Jeux Vidéo (French) 18th January, 2011 Factornews - A fond dans la déconne mais pas trop (French) Test Drive Unlimited 2 hands-on preview (Xbox 360, PS3, PC) | Resolution Magazine Vorschau zu Test Drive Unlimited 2 fr PC - Seite 1 | Eurogamer.de (German) 17th January, 2011 Preview: Test Drive Unlimited 2 | Divers publiek | Games | Tweakers.net (Dutch) Test Drive Unlimited 2: Die PS3- und Xbox 360-Version im Grafikvergleich - Bildergalerie, [2011/01/TDU2_Xbox_1.jpg] - GamesAktuell.de - Games. Fun. Entertainment. (German) Test Drive Unlimited 2 (hands-on) preview | PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 games nieuws (Dutch) Test Drive Unlimited 2 (PS3) exclusive preview | NowGamer Test Drive Unlimited 2: Luxus-Racer im Online-Hands-on-Test - GamesAktuell.de - Games. Fun. Entertainment. (German) Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Gamereactor UK (please no mention of the metaphor :lol:)
  12. G'day all you aussies, not often you guys get mentioned directly but that's all changing due to this sweet little event going on at the Mana Bar which proudly calls itself a "Video Game Bar". Interesting. Anyway check the below and if you're in the area or are loaded and can fly to it then feel free to check it out.
  13. [uPDATE #5 :: 2009-07-18] So seeing some of the work was removed from the sites I found last time I went on another little hunt for TDU2 stuff and unbelievably I found some more, I know I know I'm just that good. :cheeky: Wahey! What do we have here, an update? Yeah but only a small one but a good one all the same. Nothing really knew as such, basically along the same lines as that below but bigger and clearer. Oh yes! :D A much larger image of the concept artwork from before. I'm guessing this is the 3D Artist who did the car this time and the artwork itself was done by the artist before. :) Now here's some interesting tests. Render Animation showing the above in action And save the best for last? A render of what looks appears to be a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640. This render looks like it makes up some of the Murcielago R-GT lookalike from the concept art above and below. The image was a personal render by the artist. - image removed - [uPDATE #4 Part 2 :: 2009-06-25] Image slice showing some car controls that may make it into the game Possible explanation for each below (clockwise from Top) Left: Headlights Fullbeam, Right Indicator/Blinker, Dipped Headlights (Driving Lights?), Left Indicator/Blinker Middle: Park Car, Wipers On/Off, Windows Up/Down, Roof Up/Down Right: Radio/Music, Driving Aids?, GPS zoom?, Chronopack Like Who brilliantly mentioned, perhaps you will be able to assign your favourites to the D-pad also. :D Sorry I forgot to post this link of a 3D Artist showing some ingame screens (some we've seen) including night! :nuts: Marina Arnaudova :: 3D Artist on TDU2 (work has since been removed) Concept Renders and Artwork for an Airport Concept Renders and Artwork for Racing School (part hidden due to what it contains) This Looks Fun! [uPDATE #4 :: 2009-06-25] Yesterday I went on a hunt for TDU2 info and came up with so much stuff that it would be wrong for me to post all that I found, so as strange as it sounds I'm not going to be doing that. What I am going to do you can see below. Now remember none of this is official, it's completely been found out and about on the internet, nothing said or shown is official or can be confirmed as being in TDU2 or even confirming TDU2's release as such. Yes it may very well be and of course we all hope it is in Production but don't forget what you see below is in no way official. So please don't get too excited as things could change. The key information I found said a lot about the game and what it would contain but it is my feeling that if I were to post it up that it would in fact spoil the game should it arrive especially if you were to see the scenarios and features that were discussed. So please enjoy what you have for now as anything is better than nothing, right? :D Ok let's get on with the show! Concept Artwork - (the car renders are not by the artist) More Custom Offroad Artwork Ford Mustang in the Rain Some Tunnels Customary Waterfalls! I might post some more later, need to look at the images and see what can be shown without spoiling too much. =========================================== Thanks to BADNED!! (yes you know him guys) Test Drive Unlimited 2, sequel to the award winning Test Drive Unlimited, will see probably its official unveiling sometime later this year and I'm going to share with you guys. Are you ready? Good, now feast your eyes on some early media. From concept art to some early ingame material with some game related info thrown in between, so you can get an idea of what to expect from the sequel. But keep in mind that all the media is at least one to two years old, in case of ingame material showing an very early build, and it is possible that in the end not everything will be in the final game. Will update the thread in the next two or three days with some more stuff. :D Lets start with some early concept art. The biggest new thing in TDU2 will be off-road racing, featuring various new classes of vehicles including SUV's, Buggy's, Motocross and ATV's. Click images below to view larger size. Concept Art: SUV's/4x4's driving through wetlands Concept Art: Ducati vs. Hummer It is planned to have at least one new location besides Hawaii. Concept Art: A Buggy race The following concept art was originally done for TDU but now updated showing the other new element in TDU2, rain! Yes, this time it won't be only sunshine, the weather will change dynamically to cloudy/foggy, rain up to heavy tropical thunder storms, all which will influence both your maneouverability as well as your visibility. [uPDATE #1 :: 2009-02-24] Sorry that I'm a bit late but now let's continue with part #2. Lets start with an artwork that shows the new theme of TDU2. It is possible that this art will be used for promotional stuff and even in some form find its way on the cover. TDU2 Artwork: A New Direction TDU2 Concept Art: A Tough Battle It is planned to actually have a story this time around told through cutscenes and dialogues. The player will meet both friends and foes throughout the career while starting with nothing somewhere in nowhere. Your ingame avatar will have more tuning options then before, more clothes, more accessories, tattoos and body piercing. There will be hairstylists and barber shops where you can get a cut or a completely new hairstyle. You have problems with the police or some enemies and you don't want that they recognize you anymore, no problem, go to the clinic and undertake a plastic surgery on your face or any other cosmetic treatment. Here is an early ingame look on the updated avatar. TDU2: InGame Avatar The following is an early ingame shader test image but you might notice something new in there, exactly, a fuel gauge!!. Yes, this time you will have to keep an eye on it while cruising and fill it up at the nearest gas station or you will end up stranded on the street. TDU2: InGame Shader Test Everyone say thank you to BADNED :D [uPDATE #2 :: 2009-02-25] Let's continue with some more exclusive teasing. As always keep in mind, these are early concepts, ideas or stuff in development and might in that form not be featured in the final game. In case you wondered what happened to all the normal cars and bikes after you heard all that off-road stuff, don't worry, nearly all, if not all your favorite makes from TDU will be back including some new ones. But since this is something where licenses are involved, nothing can be confirmed nor denied at the moment until the deals are fix, and as you may know from the past, licensing issues like to appear at the very last moment. In case of cars, you will have this time a bit more control, not just the windows or the radio, this time you will be able to turn on, turn off the windshield wipers, thanks to the rain, or in case you are driving an convertibel, open/close the roof, just to name a few. The world is planned to be more richer in detail, to have more life, thanks to that that the people in the game will actually talk this time around, there will be a story, you will have to fight your way up to the top, not just switching from one task to another like in TDU. An early ingame look at the expanded world, new ways, new places, new adventures. You know who to thank! :thumbsup: [uPDATE #3 :: 2009-02-26] Here we go with the final bit of teasing. Races and tournaments on actual closed racing circuits are planned to play a bigger role this time. Also a full 24 hour night and day cycle is planned to finally find its way into the game. Will be of importance cause some missions and races will be only accessible at a certain time. TDU2: An early look at the Main Menu Following is an early look at the map screen, you may notice the clock at the top in the middle, below it the display for the current weather and below that a graph going from dawn till dusk, all of importance for the player. TDU2: An early look at the Map Another new thing which you probably noticed in the screen before will be racing schools respectively driving schools. Those will be necessary for the player not only to learn to drive all the vehicle classes in the game but also mastering a license will open up the vehicles from the corresponding vehicle class for the player at the various dealers and also give him access to new missions, races and tournaments which were previously closed. TDU2: An early look at a Racing School TDU2: An early look at the Car Dealers TDU2: An early look at a Checkpoint Race Ohh and before I forget it the team from Pink Whale's CAR WASH service is more then happy to serve their customers this time around. That's it. Hope you all enjoyed that little teasing, now it's up to eden to finally finish it. An official unveiling of the game at this years E3 is possible but not fixed at the moment so fingers crossed for the best. Over and out! Cheers B!! Webmasters/Community Leaders/You, Yes You! Feel free to post this info on your site/blog/forum/social network etc but please make sure to credit the sources; ie Source: TDU Central via BADNED for Updates #1, #2 and #3. And Source: TDU Central for Update #4. :D Thanks
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