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Post a Pic of Your Latest Purchase


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this arrived on my doorstep yesterday afternoon, really excited, no pictures as its not built yet, but will try and take some if i remember, but for now here is a picture of how it should look (fingers crossed)



Nitro powered- Hotbodies D8 Hara edition



Wow! Win! Do post videos of it please ;D

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Forgot about this thread.


My recent purchases include:

> $25 software bundle that'll I probably never use, but nice to know I have it - HDD recovery and backup software - most of the price was a donation for Japan


> Got a Ebay snype lined up for the Kinect to see if its any good. Probably not worth full price in my books since I wouldn't use it much.


> Little Big Planet 2


> Considering getting a car video recorder. Might make a new thread about it.


> Bought TDU2 for a friend who as far as I can tell hasn't worked out he's got it yet. :p




And since I need a photo:



ButtKicker Gamer 2.0

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Is that for FSX or do you also play flight combat games?


TrackIR is almost a necessity with FSX if you play it often and don't know what to save up for next. ;)


Mostly for Flight Sim 2004 and the two H.A.W.X games just now, Sponge won't install FSX on the PC for some reason so I'm not allowed to play it.

Good thing with this joystick is its cross platform, so I can use it on the PS3 to play H.A.W.X aswell!

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