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Very very good point Minime!


We tought that it'd be better for us all, that we'd take the UP database, because in this way everybody who already had the UP, can still enjoy it without loosing any fixes etc. But you're right, I'm going to ask Xarlith for sure! That has to be done... And if someone wants to download the Chickenpatch, he needs to first download the UP = Profit ;)


But if this isn't ok, we can change the database to default and just add the Chickenpatch data or we could do 1 version for UP users and 1 version for default users...


I hope this helped :)




And ofc, the editing has to be redone on UP 5.0

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tduchicken that idea sounds great but I think the better option if possible is for you to try to joining forces with Xarlith in the UP 5.0 and maybe that way the UP will be released sooner. :D


If for any reason that will be not possible then go for it with your Chickenpatch. :)


Thanks a lot for your effort to keep this game alive.:thumbsup:

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