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Coming out this tuesday (5th June) is the latest pack for FM4:




2011 Chevrolet #4 Corvette Racing ZR1



1959 BMW 507



1940 Ford De Luxe Coupe



2011 Aston Martin Cygnet



1958 MG MGA Twin-Cam



1997 Maserati Ghibli Cup



2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series



1987 RUF CTR Yellowbird



1992 Toyota Celica GT-Four RC ST185



1963 Volkswagen Beetle



Best pack yet imo! :)



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Guest MrLolololXD

Ford De Luxe, Celica, Beetle...




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Guest MrLolololXD

I bet they'd get more people to buy it if the Beetle was the pack only car :mhmm:

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Since I've been re-playing LA Noire again, the Ford De Luxe Coupe is welcome! Will make a nice Hot-rod, and maybe try to make a good track going one!


The MG is also welcome

The Maserati Ghibli is a big YES!

The C63 Black Edtion is a yes, but I can see I wont use it doe to Forza's "Thats alot of power you got there, your drifting that" attitude.

Same for the RUF sadly

The Celica is a yes, always loved the pop-up style!

Beetle, of course!

Toyota IQ, meh

Corvette GT1...yawn


Alot of these cars I would't buy. I'll maybe get the pack, only have 50points so depending on my mood when I put points on(the lowest I can) depends on if I get 2 cars or the pack! (any more than 2 cars I want in a pack, its cheaper to get the whole thing instead of just the 3)

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Lol, I like how they add the RUF after the Porsche onslaught. Anyway this is the only car I care for in the pack.


Also, whats the point of making a trailer if you barely show 3 cars....?

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For me:


BMW 507


lot of empty parking space


Ford Coupe


Volkswagen Beetle

Maserati Ghibli II

Mercedes C63 IamGay (see what I did there)


Aston Cygnet

Toyota Celica

Corvette C6.R


I like novelty cars, and with the addition of another small car, and germany's most famous one, I say; WHERE IS MY AUSTIN MINI?!


Can hardly wait, this is the first pack in wich I think every car is at least interresting...

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