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Test Drive Unlimited: Project Paradise [v0.03A PUBLIC BETA AVAILABLE!]

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Looks like its back up. Many thanks to lean and everyone else involved with the server.

Unfortunately Project Paradise was hosted in the OVH data center that burned down last night, i don't know if or when it will be back online yet.

You asked why you couldn't see the vehicles in the Platinum thread, which i told you that was an issue with bigbnk not being activated. You then proceeded and told me, via PM, that you have it activat

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sorry bro, but any updates on server modding



Well I studied this point a bit with some help as I said:

It seems to be possible, but it will be quite long and hard to do, since I only have some debug logs to work with, and I don't have the encryption algorithm or the structures of the packets yet.

BTW if any experimented developer is around, feel free to PM me since extra help would be quite nice for such a hard project. :)

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I don't wanna be an as*hole but i must say this to you.

This is the very sweet idea and it is very much tempting etc. etc.

But (yeah there is a but)

Why not do this:

Implement TDU1 handling model to TDU2 data base and make TDU2 feel and drive just like good old TDU1.

And than just open the price server and done deal! Than you could open "DLC" slots and add more cars in to the game.

You will save yourself lots of time and you will have more superior game.


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Well I really hate to say that, but it might even be a better idea than the actual: TDU1 servers can't be reversed with the low amount of documents I have. I wouldn't try TDU2 reverse personally since the game is still active and I don't want to ruin Eden's work (even if they are slow as hell to publish new dlc).

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