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  1. Hey. Does anyone know if you can edit soundfiles but not just replace them. I mean if there is like ...onhigh, onlow, onmid, onidle. (and thats it for the relevant files) is it possible to get more files for example onveryhigh, onverylow, offhigh, offlow... and so on? if that would work the sounds of the game would be improven so hard and it would be even more fun to drive. thanks for the respons!!!
  2. Here is my second soundmod. I know that the 2-Eleven is not one of the most used cares in tdu but i really love to drive it, so i dicieded to make sound. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/8j463r4fn5turxn/2_eleven_high.bnk Have fun guys:) P.S.: if you want me to do a certain mod for a car tell me and i might do it (depents on the samples i have^^)
  3. Hey guys! My first mod release, i know its not 100% finished so there may be and update in some time. Have Fun:) Download: http://http://www.mediafire.com/download/7rg1a7685vpqaom/a10_high.bnk
  4. a try for the ruf rgt just because i love to drive it but dont like the original sound. Just tell me if its good or not (if its ok-->good i will finish it) Greez ToxiC Ride safe and have a lot of fun guys:nuts:
  5. just let me now if its sounds good/okay or bad. thanks alot ToxiC:)
  6. does it sound ingame exectly like in the video?
  7. its so funny to walk on the street thanks m8
  8. keep working on it if a new map would be releast that would be just wow <3
  9. wow looks great i try to drift tomorow
  10. try out tdu2 garage, there you can buy all the hidden cars (dont know if its still up somewhere)
  11. as far as i know you cant convert from tdu1 to tdu2 so i guess you need to find one who makes an "complete own" mod. just ask per pm to some modders they may do it
  12. sorry got the same problem but now i play with controller and im fine with it
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