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[email protected]_$HOTGUN's Modding Tutorial for everyone

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Other ppl dont know how to use all of the tools Dux


Its just the perfect speed to learn somthing if u dont have eny knowledge abaut TDU modding and all its tools


and i think that speed is ok for all to learn it, and if its to fast for somebody thats why iv written down all the steps one by one.


P.S for all that are using my tutorial

For eny help plz dont PM me, bec if u post them here it might help other ppl aswell ;)

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:holysh: :sheep: :msuh3:


Just found out you've released it ! Unbelievable ! I was patiently waiting for this for a long time but I knew somewhere you would release it one day. We can always trust you :D


HUUUUGE THANK YOU COMB@T !! You're definitely the best !


Let's celebrate that with Donuts :D

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Part 3 is coming up in a few min,


But this time without step to step instructions that would be to mutch for me to write down

im sure the video speaks more then 10000 words, there is not mutch to do rly just apply, attach, move and delete thats it


If somthing not clear just post ur question here in this thread ;)


--- Post Updated ---


Modding Tutorial Video Part (3) Released

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