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Djey: TDU Community PATCH 2.00A

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I have not been able to get further in the last days so no exciting news really! But this project is still alive :)


I've just added a new feature in first post, this patch will give you even more vehicle slots. Can't tell how much for now, but I'd like to put at least twice - 3 times the current count, if game accepts it.


Fingers crossed.

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yop guys,

as tools are almost ready, time to get back to this.


To speed up, I will concentrate on making a full patch to override freshly installed game. An update version would come up later eventually.


I think it's good that beta versions to be released frequently to get community's feedback and keep you informed ;)



So... let's go!

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Thanks @all


IGCD.net: Vehicles/Cars list for Test Drive Unlimited[/url] for some vehicles missing from PC.
Discussion has been made before, that would be great indeed.


But: we still lack most of 3D models, rims, huds and sounds for those awesome cars. They don't exist as mods properly (no rip tool has been made to get them out of xbox disc). Moreover, I prefer letting people the choice of the mods they want to use.


Originally, they will look and work like default cars/bikes.

So, as the CP 2.00A will be using latest modding features, you will get :


- ALL slots enabled for these cars (+ hidden ones!) with default physics/information, located in right dealer spots.


- NEW slots to install even more mods onto your game (cf. Tob-Racer's projects). As they won't appear in dealer spots, you'll have to use TDUMT to put them at location of your choice.

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Guest sourkho

If i install this TDU Community Patch 2.00A do i need to reinstall my 426 cars again?:confused: i have allready car dealer slots maximized and now i need more deafult garage/car dealers slots to put some more cars :crackup:

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If you apply the first version of this pack 'FULL EDITION', yes you will have all your slots lost. And that's because it's intended to be set onto a fresh game.


But if all succeeds there will be an 'UPDATE EDITION' as well (coming later, as explained in first post).

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I have rather extreme curiosity when reading that one of your predicted patches will be "G27 support." I know that this means the Logitech G27, but what fix could that possibly mean?


As far as I know, there was a small fix somewhere around the forums that fixed the force feedback lost, or in better words, removed in 1.66a. Could it be that this has to do with the LED lights on the front of the column, or is there some other problem I haven't noted that needs to be fixed?


A great start - but don't expect any work to be done soon. That goes to the creator and the consumers. ;)


Cheers! :D

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You're right, that's the one and only G27 fix, which has been made by Speeder and Lean.

I've got no G27 at home to test, but I can read on the readme a 'fix feedback and also LEDs' thing, so it must be about the lights on the front. As you said.


Beta 0 of this patch is coming, slowly but this is real. Please note it will be a full edition at the moment (will replace files).

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Sounds great. Could I possibly request that traffic vehicle changes are not included by default? Cruises were often spoiled by some players playing with 1.68b and some not, where the former had longer traffic vehicles, and the latter would crash into the empty space behind a regular traffic vehicle.


If you'd like me to look into configuring an installer for the patch let me know.

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patch 2.00A does not alter traffic behaviour as 1.68b did. It's in feature list.

Patched files will include same configuration as TDU 1.66 Megapack.


People who still want this behaviour may always 'patch the patch' by themselves afterwards. But I don't think they are too many ;)

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