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im thinking, why TDU2 is mega Overrated than the Predecessor, TDU 1?

TDU 1 Is a Great game but, TDU 2 is more, but, need more things, mods and a online mode, but have bad things, like the useless tuning, and the good thing, is the decals shop, but, cars are short and too much ferrari, maybe a TDU 2 Platinum can fix, anyway, why tdu2 is overrated?

i knoww TDU 1 have like a 800+ cars, but, TDU2 Need a Oportunity....


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We all wanted TDU2 to be great, and it did add new areas to explore and other interesting features, but with a flawed foundation (weird vehicle physics and handling) it just wasn't possible to enjoy driving in the game (particularly with a steering wheel) as much as as TDU1.   TDU1 wasn't perfect either, but at least there was a sense of limited grip which allowed you to do burnouts or control slides to some extent (in hardcore mode).  Driving a car in TDU2 felt numb and boring in comparison.

You can play The Crew (2) as a good replacement for TDU2.   Nothing really has replaced the vibe of just cruising with friends on a tropical island that TDU1 gave us.  Forza Horizon never really captured that vibe either with so much focus on ultra-fast tuned cars that point+shoot between corners rather than enjoying the bends themselves.

Maybe the upcoming TDU3 will serve us well here.

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Once again...

Tdu2 has nice graphics (for the time at least) a bunch of nice ideas and Ibiza, set of charming Mediterranean landscapes.

But not enough to make forget those awful handling and physics engine. 

As already said, game physics are not in moddable files, this is mostly source code, that only game developers have and can understand. Such people are making this for a living, and can't give time and copyrighted content to free time modders. Besides, I think most Eden game developers have switched to other projects, and most obviously, to better opportunities.

Instead of complaining, why one would not help remaining modders ?? Better spend time and energy for this...

I truly believe tdu2 modding is great already. Just this game lacked the opportunity to seduce me. That's life 😂


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