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How to unpack TDU2 & How to install TDU2 mods. Ask for help in here! [PC ONLY]

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How to mod Test Drive Unlimited 2?


Hi there,


Well, I like to mod my cars since I am tried of the original cars already. I have a clean copy of Test Drive Unlimited 2, never have I install any mods before. So in order to install mods, how can I do so.. what do I need to do first, do I need to install a patch or something to allow me to install mods easily or what?? Please help me!

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Well here is the thing.. The folder 'Euro' in my TDU 2 directory contains only 2 folders; 'BNK' and 'Shaders'. However, my BNK folder contains only one folder named 'Video' which is basically nothing, yet only contains 3 files of some videos and whatnot. Now I am pretty sure there is a step I am missing.. which I believe is extracting the game. Now how do I exactly do that? Please help me!

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I've moved it to the correct section so hopefully that should help get you a better response. :)


As of the recent Anti-cheat measures implemented by Atari (wow they actually did something!) modding the way it was done not too long ago is no longer viable especially if you wish to play online. I believe some people are currently working on a method to get it back but as of now (correct me if I'm wrong guys) modding has become an offline only practice.

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I can still play online the unpacked/modded game, even seat adjustment incl. TrackIR and no damage/dirt are working fine for me.

And some other stuff is working too :D

I'm using the new Universal Launcher 3.1 actually. With older version I could do it too, though with some tricks.

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It is still possible to play online with an unpacked version. Most simple way is to use Knyazev's new version (3.1) of the universal launcher. He implitted an autoclosing to the launcher, so the servers of atari can't detect it anymore as a "cheater"-program. (The program is closed when the game is started.)


Next way is the most safe i think, cause you don't need "foreign" programs.


You have 2 folders of tdu2. (one packed original, one unpacked) But i think everybody who unpacks his game will or should do that (safety first ;)). Now you creat a link to the testdrive2.exe of the unpacked folder to your desktop. Then you can run the uplauncher of the packed version, and let him do his file-check. When he finished the check, let the uplauncher open but start the game via the link to the testdrive2.exe of the unpacked folder. (i hope i descriped it easy enough to understand it.) I don't know how it works, cause you are basically have files of two different folders, but it works. ;)




You mentioned your problem yourself. At first you need to unpack your game.


Here are the important steps in compact form:


1. make a copy of your complete original game to another folder (it doesn't matter where the folder will be)

2. use Knyazev's unpacker-tool v31 build 15 (that's the latest version of the game when you downloaded all released updates via uplauncher)

-> I don't know if i can post the tool here, so use google and search for "knyazev unpack tool tdu2". 1st page is his page and on this page you will find the tool. (it's only 1,3MByte "big")

3. copy all files of that tool in the 2nd tdu2-folder you previously created and run the "unpack_full.bat"

-> now a "MS-DOS"-like window opens and the tool unpacks the game (it takes probably 20 to 40 minutes to finish depending on your pc)

4. now (that means when unpack-process is finished) you should see more subfolders in the euro-folder and you can start modding whatever you like


little advice from me: i made a safe-copy of the complete unpacked euro-folder as well (might something get wrong while modding, you still have the original files.)


@all: If i forgot something important, please correct me and/or add it.


i hope it helps you.


greetz from germany


Donnie B.




Franks was a bit faster with the hint to the UL v3.1 (i needed more time to write :lol:)

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Thanks I will try that out and let you know, Donnie. Really appreciate the help, even if it doesn't work. However, how do I get the UL v 3.1? :P


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I downloaded the tool off the first link I've got in the google search results. However, it only had 3 direct html files, two txt files(changelog and Readme) TDU2 Offline and online mode starter and TDU2_Universal Launcher. . . Where do I find the unpack_full.bat? Am I missing something over here..?

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Sometimes i think most new members are blind. It's everywhere the same. Nobody reads or search before posting. I really can't get it. :headbang2:


Sorry, but when you take a good look, you will see that right under your fresh opened thread someone else asked exactly the same question. And this isn't the only thread to that theme.

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