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Since TDU1 is back online, The Crew is coming up and TDU2 server hasn't been working for a while I decided to share what I'd done for the next release before we stopped working on it. Changelog:

- BAC Mono: new BAC engine sound (the old one was from Ariel)
- Saleen S5S Raptor: idle sound is now looping smoothly
- TVR Cerbera Speed 12: new engine sound (so the startup sound won't blow your ears anymore)



Set your TDU2 unpacked root folder as the installer's path.

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But you told me a few days ago that there is still a chance


I thought what i said that i was trying to get it going. Or some thing along those lines.

Xarlith seems more busy these days with life so i can't ask him to stop life for some thing that means in all honesty nothing.

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come on guys you all done so much great work don't give it up, just take your time, it's normal, it's the way of free releasing, mean community releasing, stuff. And i love it i proudly love it. and that next UP could be make that game, the most advanced car game in stuff and fun ! don't give it up please !

Be sure that if i have some cash to bring in it, i'll do without doubt ! This game need your works ! all of you !

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I agree man, The UP has been an amazing collaboration of some great modders to make a game what it really should have been, and to see it end would be an extremely sad day!

The UP has done a lot to change the game for those who still play and love it, I defiantly do, Fussel will tell you that! I'm on it every chance I get, which as a grown man with a full time job and health problems to consider isn't much....

TDU2 could have been so much more and the UP defiantly began pulling it in the right directions, sorting out some of the bugs and adding the content that wasn't there.


Either way, I thank all of you for the work and effort that you have put into this game, I dont want to see the UP go....but if it does, at least it happened and it was great while it lasted.


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There is no side marker of Supra

Could you fix?


This sentence I was translated by Google Translate


The picture you show is a US spec Supra, in the us they have these ugly side marker thingies. And in the EU they don't have those, so Minime can't fix it without a 3d model of a US spec supra, which is a waste of time imo.

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The picture you show is a US spec Supra, in the us they have these ugly side marker thingies. And in the EU they don't have those, so Minime can't fix it without a 3d model of a US spec supra, which is a waste of time imo.



There is a marker(Blinker) in if European specification frontfender

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I disagree Minime... I know you don't like my mods but please don't present them as they'd be full crap!

They're not as good as yours but still :(

Everyone has to start at the beginning and you have come a long way since you first dipped your toe in 'lil chicken. :nods:

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The picture you show is a US spec Supra, in the us they have these ugly side marker thingies. And in the EU they don't have those, so Minime can't fix it without a 3d model of a US spec supra, which is a waste of time imo.


To be honest, US spec reflectors can be made quickly, but at the end... who cares?

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@Diablo In all honesty he hasn't as i have made videos for him to improve and has not done so at all.


@tduchicken All i will say is i made you videos which you totally ignored. And even after being told the absolute basic which was to not to delete the dummys you thought no i will learn how to use a delete tool and get shot of them. So how can i think you are about quality when you delete some thing in order to save time. Maybe you watched the video and seen how many exports it can take just for the steering wheel and thought i will definitely delete them.


I just find it hard to get my head around that people see all mods the same. Once i can get over that i will be normal.

But let's face it i don't think i will so i will just go back to making mods for people and stay away from here.

I guess i am the new tool831 so like him i am off. Cya


About the supra US spec reflectors i hate them so they are not there. :D

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Hmm you don't know what's happening with the new LaFerrari!

All your videos have found their way into my newest project, which will be loads better ;)


And don't forget... You're the god of modding! The community thinks that as much as I do, but please give us all some time for improving!

I'm not even modding for a year, and I got better from time to time! So let us stay at how we are! :)




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Guys, guys, stop this...here has only 1 important think - Continuing development of the game. Here has some great moders at 3d modelling and editing database, but you guys didn't do anything - all we , the other members of this forum hope and want this project to be continued. Some of us like me and tduchicken trying to do anything new for this game - maybe ugly, maybe wrong and with low quallity, but the important think is the idea - something new for the game. Every one of us has personal taste to choose wich car to replace at the game, wich model he like and dont like. Will be great if minime891, StarGT, Xarlith and all other great moders finished this project. Huge respect to all of you guys. Before 2-3 days minime891 show some pictures of LaFerrari - one realy great model wich will be placed at future version of the UP. And i hope really this car to be released with many other cars at new UP. But i think that and other members and beginning moders need to get his chance to show his work. The people will say - are we can or can't do this. Far be it from me to say that we are good, on the contrary we are beginners, but stubborn and learn every day. therefore be consulted more experienced if they can help us to develop and to help you with further development of the game.I'm trying to create something - probably bad or wrong, I do not know, but I try, the same applies to the other. Please give us a chance. Without their tried and wrong can not learn how to do it. Especially to what I do - no tutorials, no supplies, I started from scratch to get to the project, preparing today. Work with HEX workshop is not easy - alone learn, but I could not have achieved this without the help of a very special person to me, whose name I prefer to keep secret. He knows who is :).I will always be grateful to him, without him nothing I could not do, and I see others also. We just change the models of existing cars with those who are like us. As i say, I'm not good at it - yet cleared mistakes and every day I discover new things.But do not give up. Do not give up and you.


PS: Sorry for mistakes has i say before my english is bad and sometimes i use google translator to translate what i want to say.

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    • By Milli
      Time to re-discover the island of Oahu.
      TDU Platinum pursue the objective to be more than a collection of many different mods in a pack, the objective is to deliver a whole new experience, a whole new way to play with endless possibilities to choose at your own demand, ready to go.
      The work being done is beyond the gathering of different vehicles, sounds and gauges from different online websites and packing them together, it goes further to new physics, brand new weather, compatible with HDiR, new world textures and also new music for background and radio statios.

      New Physics Over 880 vehicles Correct color names Dedicated camera for each vehicle New weather - HDiR compatible New map textures New radio stations Easily moddable Easy installation Optional Russian language Toolkit  

      - How to install - by HGCentral

      - Launch Trailer

      - First Trailer

      Modders and special mentions
      Djey Speeder Pator5 Minime891 Mondodimotori TDUZoqqer Combat-Shotgun Norby931 Miha2795 Tool831 2CV SUPER GT StarGT PhatPunk Reventon09 DriverTDU Takumi Acvet06 Doctor G DjoyTinnio Urban iLLusion Zebukas FenixZ Kvrt666 VDVS Opelos_HUN Tob-Racer MagicV8 Rulezzz VDV522 XtensoJDM t0m3k911 scuderia458 [email protected]= Sourkho And many other who have worked to keep TDU alive and interesting for so many years.  

      TDUCk HF Garage TDULOG :: Test Drive Unlimited tdu.net.ru Drivers-paradise Without everyone, TDU Platinum wouldn't be anything more than a dream, so, all those people deserve a round of applause and we'll meet somewhere in Hawaii.

      -Always remember to make a backup of your game before you perform any modification.
      - For existing profiles, it's recommended to sell your vehicles and stay only with an Alfa Romeo GT BEFORE you install TDU Platinum. 
      - If you're not feeling like selling all vehicles, just drive off the house with an Alfa Romeo GT BEFORE you install TDU Platinum, but this method might crash your game once you check some vehicles in the garage.

      - Original copy of TDU installed
      - CPU: Pentium 4/Athlon XP or better
      - CPU SPEED: 3 GHz
      - RAM: 2 GB
      - OS: Windows 2000/XP and above
      - VIDEO CARD: 512MB Video Card with Pixel & Vertex Shader 2.0 (NVIDIA GeForce 7600+ / ATI Radeon X1600+)
      - TOTAL VIDEO RAM: 512 MB
      - 3D: Yes
      - HARDWARE T&L: Yes
      - PIXEL SHADER: 3.0
      - VERTEX SHADER: 3.0
      - DIRECTX VERSION: DirectX 9.0c included
      - SOUND CARD: Yes
      - FREE DISK SPACE: 18 GB

      - Additional Google Drive link

      --->  Update Patch

        Q. Why does some vehicles display an absurd Top Speed?
      That's because how TDU was codded. Sadly, to get the gear ratios to work as they should, you must set the car's Top Speed as the top gear speed. Which means, the maximum speed that the final gear could achieve, regardless of it's power or drag. Usually, vehicles that have an "Overdrive gear" will display absurd values, since the last gear is really long, with the porpouse of fuel saving.
       Q. Ok, but why it is actually the Top Speed value is lower than the final gear speed?
      That's because TDU, by standard, adds around 10% more top speed. So, if a car final gear speed is 330 km/h, if you set as 300 km/h, in-game the car will reach 330 km/h. Now, if you set 330 km/h, the car will actually be faster than it should, and will reach 363 km/h.
      Deducting 10% of the speed makes not only the final gear accurate, but every gear will top at the correct speed, if your gear ratios are correct, which means the speed you need to shift will also be accurate.
      Q. Why the car classes are broken and i have overpowered vehicles for it's class?
      Because that was the easiest way i found to get these high-power tunes and keep the game "easily moddable".  TDU will only understand a car class change if it reads a new entry on the database. That being said, i would need 4 entries in the car database, for 1 single vehicle, 1 entry being it stock, and 1 new entry for each tune kit.  That means instead of 880 vehicles, i would need at least 3520.  Not to mention that if someone decides to modify that 1 vehicle, they will need to modify the tuning its aswell.  
      That not only means it would take a long time, but that it would make the game much more complex to be modded, so i used the original upgrade system, that's based on % increase of the base vehicle, but sadly, it doesn't support class changes.
       Q. The traffic in my game is being glitchy and invisible, what do i do?
      In the Project Paradise Laucher, make sure to enable V-Sync, to lock your fps to 60. The game won't do well with higher fps.
       Q. The game is displaying too much brightness, what i did wrong?
      Usually the dealerships display a higher brightness than the road environment. But also, that could be caused by FX Tweak being enabled in Project Paradise Launcher. TDU Platinum weather system was developed to not require FX Tweak, if you enable it in the launcher, it may override the weather files.
       Q. The physics have been changed, but they seem the same?
      That's because the physics engine is the same, but TDU allows each car to have their individual physics worked on, and that's what's been changed. To match real data, because TDU has messed it up even on the original game.
       Q. TDUPE is not working?
      Yes it is, but unfortunately i've stumbled across an issue i thought i would have. This issue happens when the database has over a thousand entries, which is the case, since TDU Platinum's database has 1105 entries. So, to use TDUPE, you must follow these steps:
      To run TDUPE, you must open it as admin. Point your TDU database directory in the settings and click load. Once it has loaded the database, search for the Custom Car you replaced in the car list. Modify and Click save. (That is when the problem starts.) Because TDUPE can't deal with more than 1000 entries in the database, it will make the game crash, to fix that issue, you must open TDU Modding Tools File Browser. Extract the CarPhysicsData.db, located inside the DB.bnk. Decrypt CarPhysicsData.db using TDU UT (this tool i did not provided, but it can be found on the forums) Open it using notepad and set the number of "Items" as 1105, save and close. Encrypt the file again, using TDU UT. Replace the new CarPhysicsData.db inside the DB.bnk.  
         Q. Do i need the game or this is a standalone game?
      No! You need the game first, this is a mod and won't work on it's own.  

    • By StarGT
      1985 Ford RS200 Evolution Group B for Test Drive Unlimited 2
      Converted by StarGT
      Replace Lancia Delta
      3D model from Forza Horizon 4
      Camera from Ferrari F430 ID 244
    • By StarGT
      2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus Coupe S Tronic
      Donated by: Brian Balliu
      Vehicle replaced: Audi R8 V10
      Converted by: StarGT
      Camera: Not need to change
      Credits: Forza Motorsport 7
      - u can remove rear wing (hardtop option)
      - HQ model
      - detailed interior with different colours option
      - raindrops on windows
      - working doors
      - working lights
      - working windows
      - dirt, paintable, stickerable
      - own rims 5 colours
      - own tires
      - own calipers
      Make sure you are running TDU2 Unpacked
    • By StarGT
      2016 Aston Martin Vulcan
      Vehicle replaced: Ascari A10
      Converted by: StarGT
      Camera: Ford GT
      Credits: Forza Horizon 3 Forzavista SLOD
      (not from GTA, Assetto, NFS etc. Own ripped model from FH3+manual mapping)
      -working digital
      - HQ model
      -blue stripes
      - highpoly interior
      - raindrops on windows
      -open boot
      -open bonnet
      -HQ engine
      - working doors
      - working lights
      - working windows
      - dirt, paintable, stickerable
      - own rims
      -own tires
      -own calipers
      Download 2016 Aston Martin Vulcan without blue stripes
      Download 2016 Aston Martin Vulcan (on my Facebook page)
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