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Beware! Blue team has a new member!

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I guess most people here already know me so hey :lol: I was told to make an introduction thread though I'm quite sure I've already made one (maybe two) :hmmm: I'm Stu and I'm the latest addition to the blue team, I'll be here protecting the citizens of TDUCk from the evil duck hunters (after I'm done making tea for the rest of the team :nods:).


In all seriousness though, I feel really honored right now and I'll do my best to remain fair and help run this place! :duck:



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Congrats, Santtu!!! :glomp: :hi5:


Now let's make an agreement - don't ban me like others. Like Mike, for example. :evil:

I agree to disagree on this agreement and thus my decision to agree on this non-agreement is agreed by all staff. :evil:

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Do it!


I think I'll spare him....this time :evil:


Congrats Santtu, welcome to the team, definitely deservingly so. You'll recognize this, thought I'd dig it up. :cheeky:


Thanks Andai :glomp: I do recognize that though I had forgotten it existed :lol: I'd like your post if I could >_>


And Tom, I won't promise anything...:evil: J/k, thanks! (:

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Oh lord, what did we do to deserve this? :crying:





Nobody knows :nuts: :hi5:


Ooooh shiny! :D


Congrats! I'd better behave now I guess :hmmm:


Haven't seen anything wrong with your behaviour in the past either tbh :hmmm: Thanks mate :glomp:

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