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I apologize to all of you but I can not relased my mods star is not here just do not want to seem them because they are only for my use
You cannot post them in this thread then, only mods that will be released for the community to be able to use can be shown in here. You can create your own Photomode thread and post your mods there though.

the admin and mods should take the pics down because:


they don't allow me to put pictures of mods that won't be for release.


so take them down or i should be able to put my mods in this thread


double standards

We cannot act upon what we cannot see. Nobody informed us about this, surprised you didn't seeing as you think we are applying "double standards".

^ He's right
Again if nobody reports we cannot know it has happened for certain. We scope the forum but it is easy to miss instances.

So no response from the mods -- I'll guess I can start posting here if forum members are in agreence with me
One member says you're right as a point to kamil, nothing more.

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I'm not a forum snitch - I leave it to mods to clean up the mess. Their duty on this forum is to 'moderate' all subforums and forums they are assigned to.


Which brings me to my next question: If moderates are inactive, they should be demoted or new moderates should be added to help promote the code of honour on the forums.

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OMG ...same old story , 16 modders making one car ... no wonder both TDU and TDU 2 communities are dying , there are i dont know how many new models out there assdetto corsa's Porsche pack , csr 2 models and all modders are making the assetto corsa's 488 ...i mean c'mon lol , its not a freaking competition guys !!! :D

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Pator5, u makes F40 that car includes in TDU1, made by Tool831, miha2795 and "other 16 modders"

??? any solutions


Miha made an F40? :oook:

Do you have a link, please? I cannot find it.


For TDU1 I got following F40s:

- Kamil 1945: Competition Edition, v.1.0

- Pator5: Stock Edition, v.1.0 and v.1.1

- Reventon09: LM Edition, v.1.0 and v.1.5

- Tool831: Cover glass, roof off ; Painted cover, no roof ; Roof on, back painted, v.1.0


Seems to be all different.

Do I miss another one?

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After so long do we really need to go over the same outbursts and crap that we have heard many times before?! So what if every modder wants to do the same car, it's their time and effort and it is what they want to do. Do you feel the same about every car programme or magazine that reviews the same press car? It's not entirely the same I know but it is along the same lines.


Let people do what they choose to do and if you don't like it, find someone else who is doing something you do like. I'm not one of those who will throw out the whole 'well if you want X then learn to do Y yourself' retort as sometimes it is just too difficult for others to get their head round certain tasks or methods and so it is pointless to use this.


So, unlike the world seems to be content to do today, let's learn from past mistakes and examples and not go on repeating them.

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