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[RELEASED] Test Drive Unlimited Ultra Community Pack v1.04


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Great project!


Running with other langages should not be an issue with TDUF i guess. Fortunately one does not need to add names by hand :)


Also I will provide an installer over tducp 2.00 when it's done.

Later on, when i finish it, i will bother you about it. :lol:


Well, finally someone is taking care of it. :thumbsup:

That always annoyed the hell out of me in TDU. Hahaha i had to do something about it.





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As this project is getting done with the 1 step, which is add most of the cars and about to get into step 2, which is take a closer look at each individual vehicle and brands added, that includes tuning versions, i will ask you guys, which vehicle you really like that you'd like to see added to this pack?


Send me the download thread of the mod, or the website, or anything via PM, and i will take a look at it.

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Hi. I'm new to the forum but old to the game. How do I join a club and how do I talk to other players in TDU 1. Also, how do I turn my offline account into an online account?


Join a club is not possible anymore in Project Paradise, as the oficial server have been closed. To talk with other players you have to press "t" in the keyboard, type and then press enter. Lol


And you can't make your offline account online. You need to create a new one, check the gamespy, put an email and password and there it is. Online account.

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