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[RELEASED] Test Drive Unlimited Ultra Community Pack v1.04


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--- Post Updated ---


Well if i did unlock slots on dealerships, maybe i can do the same on the houses.... i will take a look.


Its not possible unlock more slots on houses.....


I tried change house capacity on database......

Houses BNK files should be replaced as well, as I guess the capacity is hardcoded in them ... database update only is not sufficient. And capacity might also be hardcoded in savegame file :(

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Hi. I installed the ultra pack but not all the cars.

Ford dealerships only include Mustang GT, Gt convertible, GT and Boss302. It does not appear on the Mustang SVT, GT 2015, nor Shelby Gt500.

There is no Fiat, nor renault nor volvo. BMW only appears the M5. There is no pontiac.

In the mercedes concessionaire there are fewer nomal cars and none of the mod.

and a long etc.



What was my mistake?



forget to replace the file bnk1.map haha

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Thanks. Can you help me, I cant have big bnk option on as the game wont load. Without it the game will crash after taking a modded car for test drive or a period time? this is my mod install:



copy of tdu from cd with 1.45 patch no megapack included

install 2.00 full tducpc

add ultra car pack

copy project paradise files to the tdu folder


windows 10



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