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Test Drive Unlimited 3 On the rails !

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1 hour ago, The Jackal said:

Sorry man I didn't mean to upset you I was only making a joke about game quality. It would just be nice not to have to worry about, for example, having to make sound mods, if the sounds of the engines were just good from the start.

Modding isn't particularly about improving the game, but fill it with new content. The game can be absolutely flawless, I'd want nothing more than that, HOWEVER if I feel the want to make a car I like which isn't in the game, I want to be able to do so, especially with a franchise with such a big modding background like TD.

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Since the latest TDU3 leak has pretty much "confirmed" that Southern France is one of the game's locations, here's another one of my TDU3 concept artworks, featuring a bunch of supercars in Marseille.


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^ idk, i feel like this channel is a massive clickbait channel just like blackpanthaa was for NFS or all the current forza channels a la "HORIZON 5 POSSIBLE LOCATION LEAKED?"


I don't trust those clowns infos, I only rely on officials 🙂


For example,


this is the title: "youtube and twitter account probably confirmed"

this is the information the title relies on:



this is nothing but clickbait.

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On 5/23/2020 at 11:08 PM, VX97 said:


So much H Y P E! Let's hope Kylotonn doesn't mess up this one, looks like Alex VII has Developer Q&A and make sure to comment your questions into comment section. We want this to be ultimate Test Drive game 🙂

the clickbait was wrong, who would have thought

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