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Test Drive Unlimited: Project Paradise [v0.03A PUBLIC BETA AVAILABLE!]

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Show/Hide Map geometry; useless but funny. :D



Residing UI. Very useful since you can even change the gps and gauge position thanks to that. :cheeky:


I'm really amazed about the capacities of TDU's debug options. I have almost 80 options of debug, tweak and useful stuff in my list for TDU AO.

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I might have spot some stuff to emulate TDU servers but I'm not going to talk about something that might be wrong.


Hope you right about TDU server!!! Cant wait to cruise with people again in TDU1 i miss that :/ Nice job Speeder wish you good luck in your work :D

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Hmm how do we say that? Ah yes: s00n! :D

(early WIP :p)

Thats great to see m8 cant wait to go back online and roll the the TDU family i rly miss them guys alot

i wish u all luck u need m8


EDIT: omfg i totaly forgot to ask u that, u also thing it might be possible to turn off that automatic respawn thing wenn ur in air so u can do flips etc and not getting kicked from the servers evry time ??

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i was asking myself that too

and i think other people did ask that too

but like Minime said its hard not to bring up hope

i really hope and would like to see online again

any details speeder ?

would that be something like SAMP , server tools or like before ?

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