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  1. Version 1.12


    ------------------------->>> ATENTION <<<--------------------------------- This is an Update patch. If you don't have TDU Platinum installed, make sure to install it before you get this patch. TDU Platinum Download link here. ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.01 ------------------------- List of fixes in the patch: - Fixed the Caterham RPM gauge, where it went over than 8000rpm. - Fixed the issue with the BMW M4 Liberty Walk (Livery on) and BMW M4 Liberty Walk Akrapovic. - AI Bots have been re-worked. - New GPS now is displayed on challa
    33 points
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Time to re-discover the island of Oahu. Test Drive Unlimited Platinum pursue the objective to be more than a collection of many different mods in a pack, the objective is to deliver a whole new experience, a whole new way to play with endless possibilities to choose at your own demand, ready to go. The work being done is beyond the gathering of different vehicles, sounds and gauges from different online websites and packing them together, it goes further to new physics, brand new weather, compatible with HDiR, new world textures and also new music for background and radio statios.
    25 points
  3. Version V1.01


    TDU World is finally here! On the 10th anniversary of Test Drive Unlimited 2, we are releasing the first version of our multiplayer mod. In the future, we will expand on the features of our mod. But for now, the gamemode most valuable to players - freeroam - is fully working after extensive testing by our beta tester team. ------ How to install (V1.01): Important!: TDU World no longer supports unpacked editions of Test Drive Unlimited 2! Unfortunately for now this does mean that players cannot use any mod packs or custom mods, however support for Unofficial Patch and
    23 points
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Coconut island Foreword: If you see players mysteriously fly to a blank island during a cruise, chances are they have this mod. WARNING: DO NOT Use these new roads if you have a penalty meter: Car delivery missions will fail if you use these new roads! I know its tempting to use this as a shortcut, but stick to original tdu roads for now. Summery: This mod replaces an empty island off the coast on the east side of Oahu. This mod adds a new racetrack(Not based in RL) Complete with rumble strips, starting-line, Pole position. This map is a bit smaller than Surfer'
    12 points
  5. Version 1.0.0


    TDU2 Four Seasons Mod - Ibiza Summer - Map with more resolution at very far distances - ''Branded Gas Station Mod'' by XanderNL and "AGIP" gas station mod by MagicV8 - 1200 Different variations of vegetation (Short vegetation, dense vegetation, very dense vegetation) Changes will be made when changing island (Airport) or restarting the game Recommended to use Aniastropic Filter at 16x (graphic card configuration) IMPORTANT - Be sure to make a backup copy of the original game files
    11 points
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This is a simple Reshade* preset for Project Paradise Multiplayer, It was not possible to have them both if you have newer Windows 10 OS but now it is!!** Setup Just move the files to where the actual game executable file is. You need to install Project Paradise first! ______________________________ * ReShade is a freeware for modifying shaders more about this tool is available here ** This mod was possible with the files from ThirteenAG, and the guide from here, As well as the files from Project Paradise. THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED BY THE COPYRIGHT HOLDERS AND
    10 points
  7. Version 1.0.0


    TDU2 Four Seasons Mod - Hawaii Summer - Realistic river color and shadows under bridges - Map with more resolution at very far distances - Optional textures and sounds - Willow tree texture made by Adm-RAL - ''Aloha'' Gas Station Textures made by Magic V8 - 210 Different variations of vegetation (Short vegetation, dense vegetation, very dense vegetation) Changes will be made when changing island (Airport) or restarting the game Recommended to use Aniastropic Filter at 16x (graphic card configuration) IMPORTANT - Be sure to ma
    9 points
  8. Version 2.0.1


    This mod replaces the northern secret island (known as unfinished island) with a new island. This new island is a drivers paradise with banked tarmac roads and dirt rallying tracks. Its a real blast to drive(especially with Surfin' USA on the radio) and i hope everyone will be as delighted as me and my friend. Problems: Flying guardrails, couldn't change PMIs so they will have to remain here for now. Road Texture, the roads only use R_C_00.2db. I know that the roads use multiple textures but didn't get round to it. Installation: Extract to your TDU1 directory (same
    9 points
  9. Version RC3


    Replace files in folder Test Drive Unlimited Daydream\Euro\Bnk. For correct operation, you need a Fix Map in TDUMT! My "Real Water Mod" is already attached! In this archive, these files have a different size from the original. The registry checks this and will not start the game until this error is fixed. To do this, you need the Magic MAP Tool. The easiest way to use it is to download TDUMT 1.10.2 or 1.13 and there press MAP Tool -> Fix All
    7 points
  10. Version 1.0


    Finally, yer boi has released a mod. This is not a final version, it will definitely get a couple of updates over time (fixing bugs, adding the HUD and maybe a sound too). Features: - working doors, ducktail spoiler (replacing windows) - 2 interior colors - second LOD - working dials and GPS - 3 sets of rims (white, grey and black) - own accurate torque curve, gear ratios and performance values Bugs: - the shadow needs some improvements. - tell me in the comments or in our Discord if you find any others. Installation: follow these instructions (depending on
    6 points
  11. Version 1.1


    Hello and Welcome to my first Traffic Pack This is my first and probably the last traffic pack I created for TDU. In the future some new cars may be added. I hated it all these years that no one else made traffic cars. Anyway...now I have done it For more info pls read the FAQ below. Fixes v1.1 Black Dark Car Shadow fixed Note: My Traffic Pack is 100% compatible with my Cars from the Traffic Car Collection and TDU Platinum Please replace the Traffic Cars only with the cars as they are intended. Example: Replace SUV3 only wit
    6 points
  12. Version 2


    This mod changes the surface of some of the roads to a much smoother ride experience. Problems: Shadows: Car shadows doesn't work on these new roads. They flicker like crazy: I believe this is due to the fact that the road mesh isn't aligned with the R.shk. However if you drive in 1st person view your fine. Also, if your a photographer there are ways to make the shadow look normal, you just need to hit pause at the right moment. Installation: Extract to your TDU1 directory (same location of Euro file) Let it overwrite Area -2-4 contents. Credit: B-Eight
    6 points
  13. Version 2.0.0


    TDUF package is a set of tools and libraries, which is able to: Check Bnk1.map contents and update it with new files in Euro/Bnk folder. Extract the whole TDU Database to JSON files (a human-readable format, ready to be processed by many tools and languages, including Javascript). Rewrite the whole TDU Database from modified JSON files Check and repair Database for integrity errors Help to understand file formats and read/write data from/to them Provide a Database Editor user interface, which wide range of features (not limited to TDUMT/TDUPE ones) and
    6 points
  14. Version 1.2.0


    Small mod that replaces the "3, 2, 1, Go!" with Gran Turismo's iconic countdown noise. Optionally replaces the "Start your engines" dialog with some Gran Turismo race start jingles. Although it was made for Platinum, it should work with Vanilla as well. Update Preview: Original & GT2 Only Preview: Credits: Polyphony Digital - Countdown noise and start jingle (Gran Turismo, Gran Turismo 2, Gran Turismo 3, Gran Turismo 4)
    6 points
  15. Version 1


    This is a simple Reshade preset with non-RTX & non-DX12 RT ray tracing effect* that I tried to make it work with TDU2. Press shift + F12 to open the panel and adjust the graphics settings in-game. Setup Just move the files to where the actual game executable file is. If you can't play TDU2 because you have an nVidia RTX graphics card then do the steps below!** Delete D3D9.DLL, if it is in the TDU2 directory Get DirectX9 https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=8109 Run directx_Jun2010_redist.exe. Extract the files wherever on
    4 points
  16. 309 downloads

    A reupload of JorgeModek's great Sound Pack for TDU2. Creating a backup before installing is recommended. Installation: copy 'Euro' folder to TDU2 directory, overwrite all files. Samples:
    4 points
  17. Michal003

    C.T.R. Physics Mod

    Version 1.05


    I working on new physics to TDU2 Here is new 1.05 version Features: Braking can block wheels More powerful handbrake Some optimization of traction control Edited ForceFeedback Edited aerodynamics Good for drifting Realistic understeer New motorbike physics and handling Important: Hardcore setup is now really hardcore and it's good for drifting with 4wd cars (e.g. Bugatti Veyron) Sport setup is made for drifting with rwd cars and for perfect lap times Full assistance is for normal cruise around city and i
    4 points
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Installation instructions are inside!
    4 points
  19. Version 4.0


    This mod contains: ~100 new textures imported and edited from TDU 2 & Hawaii Beauty Enhancement - these include road, rocks, trees, grass, bushes and many more! 5 separate in game days (and nights). Nights have a moon (texture from TDU 2) Vastly improved reflections! Greatly improved water How to Install: Download the mod Choose draw distance settings Extract it into your main TDU folder Enjoy! More info in the thread!
    4 points
  20. Version 1.0.0


    3 points
  21. Rigel

    Jaguar XE-S

    Version 1.0


    I got too tired having this thing stuck on my laptop for too long...so there you have it. Features: - working doors and windows - 2 interior colors - working dials and GPS - 3 sets of rims (white, grey and black) - own accurate torque curve, gear ratios and performance values Bugs/issues: - no second LOD. Didn't copy the top one because weight reduction bruh. If you notice any weird glitches regarding to that, let me know. - mirrors aren't doing their job very well (haven't figured this out just yet). - tell me in the comments or in our Discord if you find any others.
    3 points
  22. Wildcat

    Casino Island Freeroam.

    Version 1.0.0


    Replaces Ibiza with Casino island + all it's goodies. Entering the casino clothing store and cosmetic surgery from the map will soft lock your game, as well as leaving the casino for Ibiza. Confirmed to work online in TDU World as well. Players without the mod will be sent to the nearest coastline, and same for mod users. Install instructions here: Some videos here:
    3 points
  23. Version 1.0.0


    Orthophotos for Hawaii -Satellite images of ''Hawaii-Photoreal'' freeware version (for X-Plane11). -''Hawaii-Photoreal'' Official site: https://hawaii-photoreal.com/Downloads-X-Plane11 https://www.facebook.com/hawaii.photoreal/ Make sure to backup your files.
    3 points
  24. Version 1.1.0


    A collection of sounds made from sound samples from NFSMW to enhance your TDU Platinum experience. I chose to do cars with less sound mods available first. Includes: Lotus Type 918 for Esprit V8 or Elise GT1 TVR Speed 6 for Sagaris and Tuscan VR6 for TT, Golf R32, A3, and Bora 13B Renesis for RX8 13B Turbo for the RX7s 1UR for LFA (to fix the notorious LFA sound) Credits: Sound Samples: EA Black Box ABK Decoder: id_daemon You may modify and reupload these files as long as you provide the appropriate credits.
    3 points
  25. binbow




    I created a GUI version of tdudec.exe. It is no longer necessary to prepare tdudec.exe separately. Acknowledgments: I thank the author of "tdudec.exe". I have ported the source code. Usage: 1. Start tdudecgui.exe and drag and drop the "xxx.cpr" file on the form of tdudecgui.exe. At this time, "Decrypt" should have been selected as the command option. 2. Click the "EXECUTE" button. "xxx.dec" file is generated. 3. Click the "Text editor" button to open notepad.exe and edit the generated "xxx.dec" file. 4. Make the desired edits and save and exit notepad.exe. 5. Click the
    3 points
  26. Version 1.1.0


    Graphic part of the global modification TDU2-RS. Content: - Changed global textures of the islands of Ibiza and Hawaii. - Replaced all flora of both islands. - Replaced all road textures. Well, more precisely, not replaced, but improved. - Reconfigured grass height. Installation: - Requires unpacked version of TDU2! - Unpack the archive. - Put the Euro folder in the root folder of the game with the replacement of files. ATTENTION!!! Mod VERY greatly increases the load on the computer! Competently calculate the strength of your technique! More screenshots
    2 points
  27. Version 1.0.1


    2 points
  28. tasos007007

    tdu adrenaline

    Version 1.0.0


    in this mod racing vs F class bots is very funny they are real fighters and you ll feel that you really race so drive CCR and try to beat them.the other classes bots are also fast . good luck!! for boosted G class see the review
    2 points
  29. Version 1.0.2


    Hello guys, I am Ztryka and this is my first file upload for TDU. Its a 100% TDU save file (tested and works with Original TDU and TDU Platinum) What's in here? + All single player and one multiplayer achievements accomplished! + Ace rank guaranteed in TDU Platinum! + All 400 clothing items bought + All houses bought + $15 million dollars to buy your 2nd vehicle, any car/bike guaranteed! + A starting car that works both in original TDU and TDU Platinum. + No cheats/trainers used in creating this file, just profile creation, conversions and tons of hard work! What are
    2 points
  30. KseNon_435

    Golf VR6 Sound

    Version 1.1


    2 points
  31. Version 1.1


    2 points
  32. KseNon_435

    BMW M2 Sound

    Version 1.0.0


    2 points
  33. Version 1.0.0


    This sound mod you can put on BMW E28, E34 or E36. Install: Rename the .bnk file as you need and copy it into Euro/Bnk/Sound/Vehicules. Demo:
    2 points
  34. Version 1.0.0


    2013 BMW M6 CONVERTIBLE Converted: Knyazevs + Irina Raevskaya Group: vk.com/tdu2mods Replaces: Lotus Evora Features: - Model in high quality - High quality salon - Working optics - Working windows - Work doors - Drops on the front - getting dirty - Painted - Glued - Working HUD - native rim Donate Converted: PAYPAL : [email protected] Installation Instructions: Copy the files from the archive into the game folder. Done!
    2 points
  35. lukamenna_

    Golf 7R Sound!

    Version 1.0.0


    i used this video to create this sound, it is the exact same sound on the game that in TDU, no quality was lost in this sound,use it with an automatic car to hear the dsg transmission. Hope you guys enjoy it (i also added some pops&bangs for the vag boys )
    2 points
  36. Speeder

    TDU World Editor

    Version v0.04


    Description Even if it's called "Editor", this tool is a toolbox to export your files in your favorite 3D editor (maya, 3DS max, blender,... any editor as long as it's compatible with .obj) and obviously do the opposite. This choice as been made simply because I didn't want to make the usage of a cheap and badly written 3D editor an obligation. .obj has a pretty basic structure making easy to build an object from nothing. Features Heightmap Creation/Import/Export Material Editor World Objects Creation/Impo
    2 points
  37. Xarlith

    TDU2 Unpacker GUI

    Version v1.2


    TDU2: Unpacker GUI This is a completely rewritten version of my DLC2 unpacker which somehow disappeared from this board. Anyway, it does the same job as the previous one but has friendly user interface. Features: Unpacks the game into any directory (ability to run unpacked or unmodified game at any time) Works for all TDU2 versions (EU/RU/PL/ES/GE/FR/IT/JA) Easy uninstaller Automatically downloads Knyazev's TDU2 : Universal Launcher Instructions: Download and run the Unpacker GUI following the instructions It is NOT recommen
    2 points
  38. Version 1.0.0


    This is basically a mod that changes most low tier and some mid-high tier cars engine sounds. All Audis (except S6), Mercedes-Benz, Jaguars, Volkswagen, Mustang, etc, now have more authentic v6 and v8 sounds you would expect from thos vehicules. Some high tier cars too for example Mclarens have now a correct note. Transmision sounds and turbo sounds have also been adjusted, they sound a little lower now (I always thought they were too high, sometimes higher than engine). I only tunned some files but all of them have been made by the hard work from people of this forum, so they deserve all the
    2 points
  39. Version 0.3


    ENB Config v0.3 Final Here's my ENB Preset Config v0.3 Final. It has "only small" improvements as the Version before. - Reflection improvements on Buldings (Windows/Glases) - Reflection improvements on Cars - Color improvements Night/Day - Better Sky & Clouds (No more bloom intense Clouds) - small light improvement in Buildings (Houses, CRC, Cardealer) Known Bugs: - Sometimes the game crash when you minimized it. You can fix it. Press the buttons Alt+Enter to run the game in a window and than you can
    2 points
  40. Version FINAL


    Общие данные/ Total information Модель Model Volkswagen Toureg R-Line Заменяет Replaces Volkswagen Toureg V10 TDi Для игры For game Test Drive Unlimited 2 3Д модель из 3d model from Hum 3D Автор исходника Source Author Неизвестен / Unknown
    2 points
  41. Version


    This is a tool for changing the setting value of the volume such as the engine sound described in "CarVSTConfig.xmb". Install: - Store the file generated after extract zip file in a suitable folder. Usage: - Fill in the file name in the "Target : ..." field - When you click the folder shape icon, the file selection dialog is displayed. You can also enter a file name by D & D a file. - Either "CarVSTConfig.xmb" or the sound file "xxx_high.bnk" can be read. - After changing the value of the element, click the "Save" button to save the value. - After saving, "yyyymmmd
    2 points
  42. Version 1.1.0


    Replaces Test Drive Unlimited's UI sounds with the sounds from the PS2 port when applicable. For those who want a different soundscape, or want more of the PS2 menu experience. -NOTE- If you use another countdown replacer mod and wish to keep it, you will have to add them to this file with TDUMT. If you don't know how, there's instructions in the Readme. This file contains a version with my Gran Turismo countdown replacer in it. Preview (From a work in progress version. Contains most of the prominent sounds. will make a proper one soon) Sounds replaced:
    2 points
  43. Version v0.1 Alpha


    Remove Seatbelt v0.1 Alpha =========================== Why is it a Alpha? Because i've tested not enough! ^^ The Community finds sometimes more bugs than me self. Installation ============ There are 2 kinds of installations. Easy Method ----------- Copy & Paste the 'Euro' Folder into your TDU Installation Directory and Replace it. (TDU Stock & Platinum compatible) Difficult Method ^^ ------------------- Copy all the files in the 'Self install' Folder in your COMMON_CLOTHES.BNK Container and replace it. To open the 'COMMON_CLOTHES.BNK'
    2 points
  44. Milli

    TDU Platinum 1.11 to 1.12

    Version 1.12


    This file is meant for those who already updated their TDU Platinum to 1.11, and want to update to 1.12 without downloading a load of unnecessary files. If you haven't updated to 1.11 yet, fear not and just download the update at the official update page.
    2 points
  45. Version 1.0.0


    A redux version of a mod I posted on the Discord originally. Uploaded to TurboDuck for permanence. This mod reduces all transmission whine (except from reversing) by ~50% normally, or ~80% for the quieter option. It's at a volume that's still audible, but not louder than the engine audio. The main version is recommended since the quieter version can barely be heard. Preview (of the main version) If I messed something up, please report it. The quieter version was untested, and I don't use this mod when I play.
    2 points
  46. Version 1.0.0


    Hello, I wanted to share my radio pack for TDU, all the songs are in high quality and some songs are remastered by me. The radios include hits from the 80s, 90s, 2000s and songs from the fast and furious movie and the famous series Initial D and more! The installation is simple, just replace the tdu radio files with the downloaded files, leave them all accommodated so that they only replace. I hope you enjoy it friends, greetings!
    2 points
  47. Milli

    TDU Colors - Guide

    Version 1.0.0


    This file has a preview of all usable TDU colors. It's a great guide for those who want to add a new color for the vehicles directly in the database. The name of each preview image is actually the name of the color code in the database.
    2 points
  48. Version 1.0.0


    - Unlike specified above, I'm not the author, just uploaded this (djey) - Author: 2CVSUPERGT Tweaks game files to adjust detail level of vegetation and buildings: SD (low) HD100..300 HDU. Works with TDU PLATINUM.
    2 points
  49. Version 0.01


    From Project Paradise, here's a working download link to the Logitech G27 Racing Wheel Fix. What it does, it fix the Force Feedback for the Logitech G27 Racing Wheel. A must have if you play with this wheel ! Instructions: - Open RAR file and extract the "dinput8" file into C :\Programs Files (x86)\Atari\Test Drive Unlimited For full experience, I would recommend to launch paradise_laucher.exe or TestDriveUnlimited.exe with the Logitech controller app. All credits goes to the original creator of the mod: Speeder
    2 points
  50. Version 1.0.2


    2000 Audi S4 Car converted: Combat Shotgun Sound converted: Unknown Car replaced: Add on Camara: Custom camara Physics: JPTH Features: Proper physics and performance packs added (Physics developed in Hardcore mode) Compatible with TDUCP 2.0 and previous releases. Before install this update make a backup of you database. To install this update you need: TDUMT 1.15 or TDUMT 1.16.3, TDUPE 2.77, TDUF 1.12 and TDU Project Paradise
    2 points

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